WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Big E was very busy Sunday following Saturday’s record breaking number of nearly 178,000 fairgoers. The previous day’s attendance turned out to be the largest attendance of all time.

“So busy it’s been a busy time…. my umbrella broke but we’re still smiling,” said Lauren Zolinski of Connecticut.

And although the rain came down Sunday, everyone was all smiles as they made the most of their limited time at the fairgrounds come rain or shine.

“Today has been kind of a rainy day, so you think the rain keeps people away from The Big E?… It doesn’t look like it. It was mobbed today,” said Bill and Celeste Rivernider of Southbridge. “We went in the buildings while it was raining. And now we come out and it’s beautiful.”

Big E Veterans Bill and Celeste have been attending the fair for over 30 years. And they advise people to come prepared with an umbrella so you’re able to soak up the fun not the rain.

“Everybody is in a good mood today, lots of smiles. Well we have a great crowd coming in today. And of course when the rain shows up, the buildings get a little fuller. So come and experience the animals and see what there is to see inside,” said Christopher Garratt.

The second weekend of The Big E has a history of bringing in large crowds. And with only seven more days left in the fair’s season, people didn’t let a little rain spoil their fun.

Fairgoers told 22News it’s the variety of things to do and eat that make The Big E the place to be and keeps their spirits high even when the weather is less than ideal.

“There’s definitely an effervescence… it’s hard to dampen the spirit of people that come to The Big E,” said Garratt.

The Big E fair wraps up on Sunday, October 2.