CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – The holiday season can also bring along respiratory illnesses, like the flu.

With the colder weather, people are going inside for their family gatherings, and that can be why you might be feeling some symptoms now. Doctor Estaban DelPilar, the Infectious Disease Attendant at Baystate Medical Center, stated “If I were to wake up this morning and feel a little bit stuffy, maybe with a sore throat I would think of three things, the flu, Covid-19, or RSV.”

DelPilar told 22News the good thing is, testing is available for all three, and vaccines are available for both the flu and Covid-19. When it comes to dodging any of those illnesses, the advice is still the same: wash your hands for 20 seconds and wipe down those surfaces in your home.

“If you are feeling a bit sick, stay away, wear a mask, get tested call your doctor,” said DelPilar. 22News asked Doctor DelPilar if we should expect the same this holiday season. He said it’s possible, but it’s worth noting cases in the state have been stable, even trending downward.

“We’re not seeing anything as bad as the past few years but it’s a little early in the season. The only thing that I can say is that we have a very good tool now that we didn’t have the past few years, which is not only the vaccine but a vaccine that’s specific for the strain we have now,” said DelPilar.

If you do need to cough, how you handle it can make all the difference. Coughing into your elbow can reduce the chances of it spreading to others.