LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – A 22News viewer sent photos of several “Barbie skellies” set up for Halloween.

One of which is the most popular Halloween costume in Massachusetts, Weird Barbie. Based on research conducted by Boohoo of the most Googled Halloween costumes, Barbie is the most popular pop culture costume and a skeleton is the most popular traditional costume in the United States. The second most popular costume in Wednesday Addams for pop culture and a ghost as traditional.

The most popular Googled Halloween costume in Massachusetts is Weird Barbie. The movie, Barbie, premiered in theaters on July 21, 2023. Barbie was played by Margot Robbie and Ken was played by Ryan Gosling. When kids get creative with a Barbie, giving her a bad haircut, drawing on her face, and mismatched clothes, Weird Barbie is named in the movie, played by Kate McKinnon.

A spokesperson for Boohoo commented on the findings, “These findings provide an exciting insight into what are the biggest costume trends of the year, predicting that we can expect to see plenty of Barbies and a load of skeletons this spooky season.  With many states choosing to dress up as Barbie, it proves that one of Margot Robbie’s biggest films to date is continuing to take over and dominate the fashion world.” 

Halloween Countdown
October 31 2023 12:00 am

The most popular Halloween costumes in each state

The following is a list of each state with the most traditional costume and pop culture costume searched on Google.

  • Alabama: Skeleton, Wednesday Addams
  • Alaska: Ghost, Cruella de Vil
  • Arizona: Skeleton, Gwen Stacy from Spider-Man
  • Arkansas: Scarecrow, Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros
  • California: Skeleton, Weird Barbie from Barbie
  • Colorado: Ghost, Barbie from Barbie
  • Connecticut: Skeleton, Barbie from Barbie
  • Delaware: Cat, Barbie from Barbie
  • Florida: Skeleton, Wednesday Addams
  • Georgia: Vampire, Wednesday Addams
  • Hawaii: Witch, Wednesday Addams
  • Idaho, Zombie, Barbie from Barbie
  • Illinois: Pirate, Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros
  • Indiana: Skeleton, Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros
  • Iowa: Zombie, Wednesday Addams
  • Kansas: Clown, Barbie from Barbie
  • Kentucky: Witch, Harley Quinn
  • Louisiana: Zombie, Poison Ivy
  • Maine: Vampire, Wednesday Addams
  • Maryland: Ghost, Wednesday Addams
  • Massachusetts: Skeleton, Weird Barbie from Barbie
  • Michigan: Witch, Barbie from Barbie
  • Minnesota: Vampire, Barbie from Barbie
  • Mississippi: Ghost, Barbie from Barbie
  • Missouri: Ghost, Weird Barbie from Barbie
  • Montana: Skeleton, Barbie from Barbie
  • Nebraska: Dog, Barbie from Barbie
  • Nevada: Ghost, Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros
  • New Hampshire: Witch, Barbie from Barbie
  • New Jersey: Ghost, Wonder Woman
  • New Mexico: Skeleton, Wednesday Addams
  • New York: Skeleton, Barbie from Barbie
  • North Carolina: Angel, Wednesday Addams
  • North Dakota: Ghost, Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros
  • Ohio: Vampire, Wednesday Addams
  • Oklahoma: Skeleton, Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros
  • Oregon: Zombie, Harley Quinn
  • Pennsylvania: Zombie, Catwoman
  • Rhode Island: Skeleton, Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros
  • South Carolina: Pirate, Wonder Woman
  • South Dakota: Pirate, Barbie from Barbie
  • Tennessee: Dog, Harley Quinn
  • Texas: Skeleton, Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros
  • Utah: Cat, Wednesday Addams
  • Vermont: Skeleton, Wednesday Addams
  • Virginia: Ghost, Weird Barbie from Barbie
  • Washington: Dog, Harley Quinn
  • West Virginia: Vampire, Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros
  • Wisconsin: Vampire, Cruella de Vil
  • Wyoming: Zombie, Barbie from Barbie

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