Interaction with a therapy dog can take pressure off students nervous about taking an important exam.

As third-year American International College nursing students waited to begin taking their most critical exam, they weren’t nearly as nervous as they were just an hour ago.

They claim a therapy dog named “Woody” made all the difference.

Woody’s owner, AIC public information officer Candy Lash, told 22News, her therapy dog helps relieve stress – and the nursing students agree.

Student Jessica Welsh told 22News, “I feel so much better. I woke up at 6 o’clock this morning, and I’ve been awake studying the whole time. I was very anxious, very worried to get it over with, and getting to see this little guy made my morning a thousand times better.”

Assistant Nursing professor Dina Ditmar only wishes she had had the advantage of a stress-relieving therapy dog before her big tests.”Tension-relieving, it sets all these great things in your body to relieve you, and gives you a happy, loving feeling.”

Ditmar said she wouldn’t be surprised if her nursing students did better thanks to Woody’s pre-exam intervention.

Owner Candy Lash said Woody’s on campus every day, available to students who may require his “de-stressing” services.