SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – 22News is working for you to investigate our region’s most dangerous roads and intersections.

It has been a dangerous year so far on Massachusetts roads already matching 2022 in total divers killed in car crashes and passing 2015 for the most passenger deaths. In addition, 9 pedestrian deaths are right in line with annual totals dating back a decade with the worst of the year’s driving weather still ahead on the calendar.

People 22News spoke to back up the data, “I’m scared for our children, I’m scared for pedestrians, I’m scared for older people,” James, a Springfield resident told 22News.

MassDOT has adopted a federal scoring system to determine the most costly intersections in the state. Their formula weighs the severity and frequency of crashes with deaths and serious injuries carrying higher societal costs. Intersections near the top of the list are more likely to be selected for safety investigations and updates.

According to that score, two of the top five most costly intersections in the state are in Springfield where a high volume of cars, pedestrians, and cyclists meet in tight quarters.

The highest-scored intersection in western Massachusetts is where Boston Road meets Bay Street in the Pine Point neighborhood. There were 52 total crashes from 2018 to 2020, two resulting in serious injuries or death.

MAP: Boston Road & Bay Street in Springfield

Dhara Patel, Owner of A to Z Convenience on Boston Road, “Yes very dangerous. Especially along Boston Road. Very dangerous yes.”

Then the area near the I-91 onramp on East Columbus Avenue there were 60 total crashes in the same timeframe.

Another highway interchange in Springfield is ranked as the most costly area of western Massachusetts specifically for pedestrians. Access to I-91 from State Street in downtown Springfield is the site of 45 pedestrian crashes, including 10 that resulted in serious injury or death.

MAP: State Street and East Columbus Avenue in Springfield

“It’s scary. I just lost a friend two weeks ago from a double hit and drive. She was hit by two different cars,” said James of Springfield.

The most costly area for bicycle-involved crashes is in Northampton at the intersection where Bridge Street becomes Main Street.

MAP: Main Street and Bridge Street in Northampton

“I got hit right there. Somebody was getting pulled over. He pulled over and just ran right into me,” Raymond Cordle of Northampton told 22News.

“No, I don’t feel safe. I watch my back. It’s become more serious. People in vehicles are not paying attention,” Peter McNulty of Northampton.

22News continues examining deadly roads in western Massachusetts and will speak with local leaders about how to solve this growing problem »

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