HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – More than $160 million was awarded for economic growth projects that will help create 8,000 new housing units, 10,000 jobs, and 5.4 million square feet of commercial development, the Healey-Driscoll Administration announced.

The Community One Stop for Growth is an application portal for municipalities and organizations to apply for state grant programs that fund economic development projects related to planning and zoning, site preparation, building construction, infrastructure, and housing development.  

Out of a total of 783 applications, 338 grants were awarded in 161 communities across Massachusetts. For the full list of grant recipients and project descriptions visit the EOED website.  

One Stop awards include:  

  • MassWorks Infrastructure Program – $91 million awarded to 53 projects 
  • HousingWorks Infrastructure Program – $33,528,797 awarded to 15 projects 
  • Underutilized Properties Program – $16,552,817 awarded to 39 projects 
  • Rural and Small Town Development Fund – $5,000,000 awarded to 17 projects 
  • Housing Choice Community Grants – $4,730,000 awarded to 34 projects 
  • Site Readiness Program – $2,857,058 awarded to 10 projects 
  • Urban Agenda Grant Program – $2,500,000 awarded to 28 projects 
  • Community Planning Grants – $4,850,000 awarded to 79 projects 
  • Brownfields Redevelopment Fund – $1,340,000 awarded to 8 projects 
  • Collaborative Workspace Program – $950,000 awarded to 39 projects 
  • Massachusetts Downtown Initiative – $550,000 awarded to 22 projects 
  • Commonwealth Places – $375,000 awarded to 9 projects 
  • Real Estate Services Technical Assistance – $250,000 awarded to 8 projects 

The western Massachusetts municipalities awarded projects of $1 million or more for the MassWorks Infrastructure Program: Buckland, Colrain, Dalton, Great Barrington, Monroe, North Adams, Savoy, Shelburne, Warkwick.

Western Massachusetts One Stop awards:


  • Town of Athol Massachusetts Downtown Initiative $25,000
    • Technical assistance for the development of updated design guidelines for the downtown.


  • Town of Belchertown MassWorks Infrastructure Program $320,000
    • Grant will be used to buy and install a pressure reducing valve (PRV) in order to continue the mastered planned economic development growth at Carriage Grove. The town has identified the need for a PRV from the new developments at Carriage Grove into the exiting old water system piping. Belchertown Water District owns and maintains an existing PRV vault which services a low-pressure zone to the west of Carriage Road. Once installed the town will abandon the 8″ water main for the new 12″ water main.
  • Town of Belchertown Rural and Small Town Development Fund $470,000
    • Lake Wallace Sensory Trail Phase 2 – This fully-accessible trail links to the town’s schools, Carriage Grove, Lampson Brook Farm, and a recreation area, next to Christopher Heights assisted living and pending 100-unit mixed housing by Brisa Builders and near a possible second affordable housing project negotiated by private entities. Phase 2 will connect back to Carriage Grove’s housing.
  • Town of Belchertown Site Readiness Program $281,000
    • The Town of Belchertown will use this grant for planning and analysis work related to 10 acres of land expected to become part of a future development area known as Parcel D. Funds will be used for a site survey, preliminary site plan, opportunities and constraints analysis, and appraisal.
  • Belchertown Community Alliance, inc. Underutilized Properties Program $275,000
    • Belchertown Community Alliance, in partnership with the Town of Belchertown, will use this grant to advance the revitalization of a former dormitory on the Belchertown State School campus, now known as Carriage Grove, a MassDevelopment community. Funds will be used to reconfigure the first-floor entry way to provide ADA access to the building, construct first-floor ADA-accessible bathrooms, and add an elevator.


  • Town of Blandford MassWorks Infrastructure Program $100,000
    • Blandford is exploring improvements to the bridge on Beech Hill Road. This critical connection bottlenecks to one lane with a curving, inclined approach. MassDOT inspections and follow-up engineering assessments confirmed that the circa 1930 structure is in good shape but that deteriorated areas should be addressed through a targeted preservation project. This effort hopes to address safety concerns with the crossing which serves small town residents and the Springfield Water & Sewer Commission.


  • Town of Buckland MassWorks Infrastructure Program $1,000,000
    • Funding will rehabilitate poor roadway and storm drainage infrastructure and improve vehicular safety on Charlemont Rd north of the recently rehabilitated portion. Charlemont Road connects Route 112 and Route 2 and is a primary means of access for residents in Buckland, Ashfield, Hawley and Charlemont. The road provides regional access to schools, recreation areas and many businesses and tourist attractions in the area. It also serves as an alternative for Route 2 traffic if Route 2 is detoured.


  • Town of Charlemont MassWorks Infrastructure Program $380,000
    • South River Road is one of Charlemont’s major access points to neighboring towns as well as an access point to Route 112 and 116. South River road is also a major access to Charlemont’s largest business, Berkshire East. The road has been part of the town’s focus for the last few years and has received a paving upgrade. The last piece of the project is to do work to the bridge on the route. The bridge needs a deck repair and work to the substructure. Awarded funding would complete the bridge work.


  • Town of Cheshire MassWorks Infrastructure Program $890,000
    • This project is a full depth reclamation of Ingalls Road approximately 1.6 miles. Ingalls Road is a detour when Route 8 closed due to traffic incidents, The project will include raising/lowering 30 structures, ledge removal, curbing, drainage, driveway apron work and tree and canopy removal. Ingalls Road is also the access road to the Hutchinson Housing Development with 5 local businesses (Whitney’s farm Stand,HD Reynolds, Green Acres, Superior Springs and Gigliotti Electric Inc) in the area.
  • Town of Cheshire Rural and Small Town Development Fund $472,600
    • North State Road (Route 8) Water Project – This project is a replacement of 3,000 feet of undersized and compromised waterline for the towns public water distribution system. The waterline to be replaced runs along North State Road (Route 8) between Arnold Court and Eastview Drive.


  • Town of Chester Real Estate Services Technical Assistance $30,000
    • The Town of Chester will use this grant to study reuse opportunities for a town-owned former elementary school building for commercial or residential uses.


  • Town of Colrain MassWorks Infrastructure Program $1,000,000
    • On December 23, 2022 a significant high water event occurred (North River) that, resulted in a slope failure along the southwestern side of Rt. 112/Jacksonville Rd. in Colrain. Due to the significant damage the Rd. has been ordered to be limited to one lane of traffic with jersey barriers and temporary stop lights installed. The proposed project will provide funding for contracted permitting assistance, project over-sight and construction costs.
  • Colrain Sewer District Rural and Small Town Development Fund $500,000
    • Colrain Sewer District Feasibility and Engineering – The Colrain Sewer District is seeking funding for a feasibility and engineering study to determine a long-term solution for managing wastewater and to develop preliminary engineering and cost estimates to implement a recommended solution.


  • Town of Dalton MassWorks Infrastructure Program $1,000,000
    • This grant supports the reconstruction of Orchard Road. This project includes some drainage repairs, as well as full-depth reclamation of the road. This area is prone to flooding private property in major events due to the towns stormwater system being undersized.

East Longmeadow:

  • Town of East Longmeadow Community Planning Grant Program $45,000
    • East Longmeadow will conduct a land-use analysis of an approximately 115 acre area and propose a zoning bylaw that, if possible, will allow for mixed-use development consistent with 40R Smart Growth Districts.


  • Greater Easthampton Chamber of Commerce Collaborative Workspace Program $50,000
    • The Greater Easthampton Chamber of Commerce will use this grant to build out a collaborative workspace at a building it owns in downtown Easthampton. In FY22, MassDevelopment awarded the organization a $5,000 seed grant to study market and design feasibility for the project.

Great Barrington:

  • Town of Great Barrington MassWorks Infrastructure Program $1,000,000
    • As part of a public/private partnership to improve the southerly gateway portion of downtown Main Street, this project will create a pedestrian link from Main Street to Bridge Street to provide safe access to amenities and recreation at Memorial Field and the Housatonic River including the Riverfront Trail. This link will provide access to public parking shared with the private development project at 343 Main Street, a historic downtown property being converted to housing and retail.
  • Alander Group Underutilized Properties Program $450,000
    • Alander Group will use this grant to renovate and convert a historic 22,504-square-foot building in Great Barrington into two retail spaces and 13 units of mixed-income housing; 11 units will be market rate and two units will be affordable. Funds will be used for Phase Two work, which includes exterior shell and stabilization, interior core and shell fit-out, ADA compliance, interior corridor doors, interior fit-out and finishes, drywall, tile, carpet, and paint.


  • City of Greenfield Community Planning Grant Program $43,000
    • Greenfield will create a Housing Plan to assess its affordable and workforce housing needs and identify concrete strategies for expanding housing production in response to those needs.
  • City of Greenfield Massachusetts Downtown Initiative $25,000
    • Technical assistance to create a district management entity in the downtown with a focus on arts and culture.
  • Greenfield Franklin Community Cooperative Underutilized Properties Program $750,000
    • Franklin Community Cooperative will use this grant for the development of the Green Fields Market on the first floor of the former Wilson’s Department Store in downtown Greenfield. Funds will be used for accessible restrooms, an accessible vestibule, first floor storefront replacement, a sprinkler system, fire exits, stairs, and doors.
  • Franklin County Community Development Corporation Urban Agenda Grant Program $80,000
    • The Route 2 Rural Innovation Corridor (R2IC) aims to positively impact profits, people and places across Route 2 from the North Quabbin Region to North Adams. The R2IC works at the systems and community level to advance outcomes in three interconnected areas: K-14 education and career pathways, innovation & entrepreneurship, community & economic development.
  • Stone Soup Cafe Inc Urban Agenda Grant Program $100,000
    • The Stone Soup Culinary Institute provides hands-on training and practice in the fundamentals of cooking and other culinary skills for socioeconomically disadvantaged individuals who are seeking food industry careers. Students gain work experience, ServSafe certifications, and job referrals. SSCI will provide a unique workforce training program, and program participants will receive a stipend, increasing equity and access to education and job skills.


  • Town of Hawley MassWorks Infrastructure Program $1,000,000
    • The Town of Hawley will rebuild and resurface the western portion of Ashfield Road. The town will also design and permit two intermittent stream crossings.


  • Holyoke Wellspring Cooperative Corporation Collaborative Workspace Program $45,000
    • Wellspring Cooperative Corporation will use this grant for improvements to support new programming at its existing shared kitchen in Holyoke. Improvements will include installing an energy-efficient mini-split heating and cooling system; undertaking flooring upgrades; renovating an unfinished room into additional space; and adding a walk-in cooler.
  • City of Holyoke Community Planning Grant Program $90,000
    • Holyoke will update its 24-year-old Master Plan into a 21st century Comprehensive Plan.
  • LightHouse Holyoke Underutilized Properties Program $500,000
    • LightHouse Holyoke will use this grant to renovate the 19,000-square-foot former Congregation Sons of Zion Synagogue in downtown Holyoke. Funds will be used for the abatement and disposal of hazardous building materials and renovations.
  • Holyoke Redevelopment Authority Underutilized Properties Program $600,000
    • Holyoke Redevelopment Authority will use this grant to redevelop a 70,000-square-foot abandoned, historic mill complex in downtown Holyoke, known as Farr Alpaca Mill/Appleton Mill, into 75 units of mixed-income housing; 64 units will be affordable and 11 units will be market rate. Funds will be used to rebuild the roof structure and replace the roof membrane, as well as perform the selective demolition and shoring required for access and support.


  • Town of Lee Rural and Small Town Development Fund $250,800
    • Main Street LED Decorative Lights – The Town of Lee currently has 120 decorative “acorn” style light fixtures that were installed approximately 30 years ago. The condition of the light fixtures have deteriorated over time and are in need of restoration as well as upgraded energy efficient fixtures with smart technology.


  • WinnDevelopment Underutilized Properties Program $500,000
    • The UPP grant funds will enable the restoration of the dilapidated and non-operational iconic Ludlow Clock Tower at Mill 8 in Ludlow.
  • Ludlow Westmass Area Development Corporation Underutilized Properties Program $300,500
    • Westmass Area Development Corporation will use this grant for the adaptive reuse of the historic warehouses at Ludlow Mills into modern, high-tech office space. Funds will be used for capital improvements and renovations that will allow the space to be converted for denser use.


  • Town of Monroe MassWorks Infrastructure Program $1,000,000
    • Kingsley Hill Road is the sole access to the town’s public water supply and treatment. The project builds upon improvements performed as part of a MassWorks FY2017 grant. Proposed infrastructure improvements include road reclamation, paving, formal and passive drainage improvements and guard rail for vehicular safety. Existing infrastructure is all in poor condition and their continued failure may impact access to the water treatment facility and ability to supply potable water to residents.


  • Town of Montague Community Planning Grant Program $35,000
    • Montague will Develop a housing market feasibility study for 7-acre parcel. Project will serve as a complementary component to town’s separate project that explores uses & zoning implications for parcel.
  • Franklin Regional Council of Governments Community Planning Grant Program $40,000
    • FRCOG will conduct a robust public engagement plan and education campaign educating communities on the critical need for housing as part of the Franklin County Regional Housing Plan.
  • Town of Montague Rural and Small Town Development Fund $500,000
    • Avenue A CSO and Buffer Line Improvements – This project includes raising the Avenue A Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) weir to allow more flow to enter the buffer line before an overflow occurs.
  • Town of Montague Site Readiness Program $132,700
    • The Town of Montague will use this grant to advance the design for the Turners Falls Canal District Riverfront. The work funded by this grant will allow for implementation of a planned mixed-use Canal District which has properties designated for hydropower, light manufacturing, and up to 80 units of housing at the southern end of the district.


  • Town of Monterey Rural and Small Town Development Fund $446,000
    • Sandisfield Road Culvert – This project will focus on replacing an undersized and aging culvert constructed of mismatched material, increasing capacity for storm water and potential beaver dam failures upstream. The funds will be used to excavate and install a new culvert, blacktop the construction area and improve safety features.

New Marlborough:

  • Town of New Marlborough Rural and Small Town Development Fund $500,000
    • Cassilis, a well preserved, roughly 11,000 square foot house built in 1890 in the Town of New Marlborough, will be converted into eleven units of affordable housing. The main house and connecting annex will be divided into three, two story units and eight flats, ranging from one to three bedrooms. Funding will be used for the installation of a sprinkler system, window replacement, and HVAC installation.

North Adams:

  • Wheel Estates Tenants Association HousingWorks Infrastructure Program (HWIP) $30,000
    • North Adams, in partnership with Wheel Estates will complete a comprehensive Preliminary Engineering and Environmental Report (PER/ER) to consider several infrastructure upgrades that are vital to the health and safety of this small community and the environment composed of roughly 198 manufactured homes.
  • City of North Adams MassWorks Infrastructure Program $1,970,000
    • This award supports Phase 2 of infrastructure improvements in the Blackinton neighborhood. Phase 1, funded in 2020, addressed failed stormwater infrastructure. Phase 2 reclaims a city-owned former tannery site as landscaped greenspace and as a new parking area for the Blackinton Mill and public recreation amenities. This public work is critical to enabling the transformative and catalytic private redevelopment of the Mill as part of the TOURISTS resort.
  • Eagle Street Holdings LLC Underutilized Properties Program $250,000
    • Eagle Street Holdings LLC will use this grant to redevelop the vacant, historic Tower and Porter Block in North Adams into nine units of market-rate housing and two commercial units. Funds will be used for the engineering, purchase, and installation of HVAC systems throughout the entire building.


  • Town of Northfield Commonwealth Places Program $8,000
    • The Town of Northfield will use this grant to hire a consultant to lead community engagement workshops to develop a planning document and recommended projects related to improving the downtown.
  • Town of Northfield Community Planning Grant Program $40,000
    • Northfield will conduct a business park study report outlining the process, site feasibility, evaluation of financial, legal, regulatory, environmental, and residential impacts, a summary of industry market opportunities, an exploration of ownership models, and an action plan for development.
  • Town of Northfield MassWorks Infrastructure Program $490,000
    • The town’s 60-diameter corrugated metal pipe culvert on Highland Avenue has deteriorated beyond repair. Grant funds will be used for field data collection, engineering design, permitting, bid administration, construction administration, and construction of a new culvert and sidewalk.


  • The Sphere Northampton Collaborative Workspace Program $100,000
    • The Sphere Northampton will use this grant to build out a vacant and gutted storefront to increase space and visibility of The Sphere Innovation Lab. The lab will be a woman- and nonbinary-oriented entrepreneur coworking space based on inclusivity, collaboration, and uplifting entrepreneurs.
  • Collaborative for Educational Services Urban Agenda Grant Program $100,000
    • The Food Policy Leaders program will build the capacity of 25 residents who are Black, Latino, foreign-born, and/or experiencing financial hardship, so they can advance civic and economic solutions to food insecurity. All will receive stipends, participate in training sessions, and design projects that will increase employability, civic, and leadership skills that will impact the local food economy.


  • Town of Orange Community Planning Grant Program $90,000
    • Orange will develop a Comprehensive Plan to update the existing Master Plan from 2005 including research, writing and public engagement.


  • Berkshire Innovation Center Collaborative Workspace Program $50,000 Berkshire
    • Innovation Center (BIC) will use this grant to fit out BIC Works at Mass MoCA in North Adams in partnership with BIC members, academic institutions, and economic development partners. The partnership will leverage the energy of the MoCA community, giving the BIC a physical presence and ease-of-access to serve students and organizations in northern Berkshire County.
  • Downtown Pittsfield Inc. Commonwealth Places Program $50,000
    • Downtown Pittsfield Cultural Association, Inc. will use this grant to activate community spaces with lighting. Specifically, the organization will add a large-scale outdoor light show to Festive Frolic and 10×10 Upstreet Arts Festivals; install lighting in underutilized alleys that connect to the district’s parking garage; create permanent seating and add lighting to critical locations for night events; and illuminate three historic properties as part of the ongoing Berkshire Landscapes project.
  • City of Pittsfield Community Planning Grant Program $50,000
    • Pittsfield will conduct a Downtown Housing Plan that focuses on housing.
  • Berkshire Regional Planning Commission Community Planning Grant Program $90,000
    • The Berkshire Regional Planning Commission will coordinate a planning effort to develop a pipeline for municipal employees in Berkshire County.
  • AM Management, LLC Underutilized Properties Program $200,000
    • AM Management, LLC will use this grant to convert a distressed 20,000-square-foot office building in Pittsfield into 28 units of mixed-income housing; 22 units will be market-rate and eight units will be affordable. Funds will be used for building code compliance, fire/life safety code compliance, accessibility improvements, HVAC, and interior building rehabilitation.
  • Blackshires Community Empowerment Foundation Corp Urban Agenda Grant Program $100,000
    • Blackshires Leadership Program Accelerator is a curated and cohort-based leadership program for Black Community members in the Berkshire Region to prepare them for community-based leadership and advocacy to serve as a training and education pipeline to municipal and local service on planning boards, committees, advisory boards, and more.


  • Town of Rowe MassWorks Infrastructure Program $400,000
    • Reconstruction of the road that leads to the former nuclear power plant, the current site for the spent nuclear fuel rods. Rowe is responsible for the maintenance for the road leading to the storage facility and currently is limited to a one-land road which is rapidly degrading. Concern is that there needs to be access for emergency vehicles and 24-hour security access. Funds would repair the road and prevent subsidence with proper drainage and reconstruction of the road.
  • Town of Rowe Rural and Small Town Development Fund $350,000
    • Yankee Road Reconstruction Funding supports the reconstruction of the road that leads to a former nuclear power plant and current storage site for spent nuclear fuel rods. The road is limited to one lane and is rapidly degrading. This grant is paired with a $400,000 MassWorks award to fund the project.


  • Town of Savoy MassWorks Infrastructure Program $1,000,000
    • This project supports the replacement of Chapel Road over Chickley River 72″ diameter corrugated steel pipe culvert with a precast concrete box culvert, including cast-in-place concrete headwalls and wingwalls at both upstream and downstream sides.


  • Town of Shelburne MassWorks Infrastructure Program $1,000,000
    • This safety improvements project will include reconstruction of Old Greenfield Road including safety, drivability and to improve winter maintenance. The project includes a full depth reclamation, drainage, subdrain, culverts and guardrail improvements.

South Hadley:

  • Town of South Hadley Community Planning Grant Program $68,000
    • South Hadley will Implement new zoning and design guidelines for Routes 202 and 33, as identified in a 2022 planning assessment, to address the broad mix of commercial and residential uses along the corridor by creating three new zoning districts for mixed use that promote new multifamily housing units, support existing residential, and allows for new economic growth.


  • Springfield Cultural Partnership Commonwealth Places Program $17,500
    • Springfield Cultural Partnership, Inc., in partnership with Springfield Business Improvement District, will use this grant to activate vacant storefronts within the Springfield Central Cultural District with creative placemaking and produce two pop-up outdoor art events. The partnership will develop and execute a vacant storefront pilot with a focus on recruiting local Springfield artists to infuse these spaces with arts, music, and creative activities.
  • Davenport Advisors LLC Underutilized Properties Program $600,000
    • Davenport Advisors LLC will use this grant to redevelop Lyman Corners, a vacant, historic 90,000-square-foot building in Springfield, into a market-rate rental housing facility. Funds will be used for a new roof, window replacements, and shoring of existing staircases and flooring.
  • Mass Collision LLC Underutilized Properties Program $500,000
    • Mass Collision LLC will use this grant to make an underutilized 37,647-square-foot building energy efficient and ADA and building code compliant. Funds will be used to install a wheelchair ramp, repair the roof and windows, and improve the envelope.
  • LoveArtCollective Inc Underutilized Properties Program $150,000
    • Love Art Collective Inc. will use this grant to activate a vacant 5,500-square-foot building in Springfield into a creative community space for artists. Funds will be used to help improve the existing building to enhance the impact of the studio’s potential for creative community services.
  • Economic Development Council of Western MA Urban Agenda Grant Program $75,000
    • Springfield WORKS will expand the Two-Generation/Whole Family Approach to Career Pathways (2Gen) model to the Springfield Public School (SPS) system. Parents/caregivers of students who attend SPS and recent SPS graduates will obtain skills for career directed positions at SPS with a priority focus on para-educators, identified as a top labor supply challenge in the region.
  • New North Citizens’ Council, Inc Urban Agenda Grant Program $75,000
    • The Nueva Vision Nuevo Trabajo program uses the Individualized Placement Support (IPS) model for workforce development to support Springfield’s Latino community. Through this model, participants will receive help to find and keep a regular paid job in the competitive labor market while also supporting the local businesses that hire program participants.
  • The Tech Foundry, Inc. Urban Agenda Grant Program $100,000
    • The Digital Equity Tech Hub is a collaborative service-learning project. Tech Foundry students and alumni will provide free IT services and digital literacy training as paid Digital Fellows. The Hub will be inclusive, accessible and provide free Wi-Fi.
  • Urban Impact Initiative Massachusetts Urban Agenda Grant Program $90,000
    • Urban Impact Re-Entry Services will provide work readiness and employment placement services to returning women citizens with a focus on Black and other culturally diverse women of color. The program will be facilitated by an identity reflective staff with both lived and professional experience to administer culturally conscious services to maximize the outcome of job placements within industries that provide prevailing wage and career advancement.


  • Town of Ware Rural and Small Town Development Fund $95,000
    • Ware Millyard Re-Development Plan This grant supports the creation of a redevelopment plan for the Ware Millyard, an asset that has fallen into disrepair over several decades and presents an enormous economic development opportunity for the town.


  • Town of Warwick MassWorks Infrastructure Program $1,000,000
    • This grant supports the reconstruction of Winchester Rd (SR 78), including milling the existing road surface 2 inches and repaving 2 inches.

West Springfield:

  • Town of West Springfield Massachusetts Downtown Initiative $25,000
    • Technical assistance to create a parking wayfinding system to direct residents and visitors to parking in the downtown.


  • Town of Williamstown Massachusetts Downtown Initiative $25,000
    • Technical assistance to create a wayfinding and branding to guide residents, college students and visitors to local businesses and cultural attractions in the center.

“One Stop is a vital economic development tool to spark growth, spur development and strengthen local economies across the state,” said Governor Healey. “These funds will help make possible community-led projects that build vibrant downtowns and unlock economic potential in every region of Massachusetts, while creating new jobs, housing, and opportunity.” 

“Building strong communities is essential to advancing economic development across Massachusetts,” said Lieutenant Governor Driscoll. “The One Stop for Growth allows us to partner with cities and towns statewide to support their economic development goals while empowering them to pursue their vision for growth. We’re excited to announce this year’s awards to 161 Massachusetts communities and can’t wait to see economic progress they help make possible in the years to come.” 

“The One Stop is an essential vehicle through which our administration can invest in Massachusetts communities, advance equitable and easy access to state resources and support the foundation upon which our state economy is built,” said Secretary of Economic Development Yvonne Hao. “We are building an economy that works for everyone, in every region of Massachusetts, and we’re thrilled to make these investments in more than 330 local economic development projects around the state.” 

“Through the One Stop, the Healey-Driscoll administration provides cities and towns with a streamlined process to apply for state resources that bring key projects in their communities to life,” said Undersecretary of Economic Foundations Ashley Stolba. “We are grateful to our teams at the Executive Office of Economic Development, Executive Office of Housing and Livable Communities, and MassDevelopment, who worked with hundreds of communities over the past several months to identify projects in 161 municipalities that will have a meaningful impact on local economic growth.”  

“This $164 million investment from the Healey-Driscoll Administration will help cities, towns, and local partners tackle important projects that will make a difference in easing the housing shortage, creating jobs, breathing life into underused properties, and advancing community goals across Massachusetts,” said MassDevelopment President and CEO Dan Rivera. “Our team at MassDevelopment administers six of the One Stop grant programs on behalf of the Commonwealth, utilizing our subject matter expertise and deep understanding of local community and economic development issues to maximize the impact of these public dollars.” 

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