CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – This heat advisory comes right as high school and college sports hit full speed, posing safety risks to athletes on the practice and playing fields.

If you have an afternoon outdoor workout planned for Tuesday, either skip it or drink water starting now until the moment you step into the sun.

That’s the number one pointer to stay safe for both athletes and weekday warriors exercising in this heat from Springfield College’s head athletic trainer.

22News asked him what the risks of working out or practicing in this heat were, and the top of his mind were heat cramps, exhaustion, and stroke. The best defense is water, water, and water. He said they give their athletes express instructions well ahead of their practices or contests.

They’re told to hydrate well ahead before practice and throughout the day. Even the night before, because the night before is going to get you through the next day,” said Barclay Dugger, the Associate Professor of exercise science and head athletic trainer at Springfield College.

We asked which sports are most at risk for symptoms of heart illness, and he said football with all that extra weight in gear is the most at risk.

Now if you’re headed to the gym, and it has powerful air conditioning, there’s no need to worry.
We asked Dugger if there was any special care to be taken for indoor exercise and he reiterated with water.

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