WILBRAHAM, Mass. (WWLP) – As the leaves continue to fall, it is important to be aware of fire hazards that can occur when mowing leaves.

The Wilbraham Fire Department is reminding residents on how to prevent fire hazards when mowing leaves, as driving over a leaf pile can pose serious risks, such as a potential fire. As leaves can be dry and flammable, the heat that is generated by a lawnmower’s exhaust system could ignite the pile, leading to a fire.

Try to avoid driving over large leaf piles to prevent this from happening. It is important to allow your equipment to completely cool down before storing it away. Whether it’s a lawnmower or leaf blower, giving it time to cool down helps reduce the risk of accidental fires.

Mowers Direct recommends cleaning off any areas of the mower that have any caked-on grass clippings, dirt, debris, or leaves, as the build-up can pose a fire hazard around the moving parts. Wipe your mower clean between uses to help reduce corrosion, fire hazards, and possible breakdown.

Also, pouring fuel into the fuel tank while the engine is hot poses a serious risk as well. Always be sure that the engine is shut off and has had time to fully cool prior to filling your fuel tank.

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