CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – The price of home heating is skyrocketing as the cold settles in for the season, regardless of how you heat your home.

22News has a few alternative ways to stay warm that may save you some money. Natural gas, heating oil, electricity, and even firewood are all more expensive this year with families already feeling the financial pinch of inflation.

  • Natural gas costs are up 28%
  • Heating oil costs are up 27%, for an average cost of $2,300 for the season.
  • Electric heat costs are up 10%
  • Propane costs are up 5%

The smaller increase in electric prices may be the spot to save money. Experts say a space heater and a lower thermostat in general could give you a breakthrough in improvised zone heating.

Turn your thermostat as low as you can stand, every degree down saves you one percent on your monthly bill. Then use your space heater to just warm the room you are occupying.

Space heaters provide efficient, fast-moving heat and only cost about 20 cents per hour to run totaling about $50 a month if you run it eight hours a day. Public safety experts do not recommend that, just run it as long as you are in the room and make sure it’s far away from furniture, blankets, or anything flammable.