CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Chicopee police are reminding parents to talk to their children about purchasing toy guns after a disturbance occurred with what appeared to be a real gun on Tuesday.

Officers were called to the Center of Chicopee for a report of a disturbance involving a group of juveniles. The investigation revealed that a firearm was possibly involved. A pistol was found on one of the juveniles however, in an attempt to make the gun look real the tip was painted black, according to Chicopee Police Department.

“The party that called 911 did not believe this was a toy,” Chicopee Police Department stated on their Facebook page.

(Chicopee Police Department)

This situation could have ended very differently.

Fake guns have become so realistic looking, officers will always prepare like there’s a threat unless the person makes it obvious there’s no danger. It’s a situation that can quickly turn deadly for the person carrying the weapon and the officer.

Under federal law, all replica guns sold and manufactured in the country must have an orange tip. Chicopee police are asking parents who purchase these for their kids to have a conversation about the dangers of pointing the “toys” at people.