SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – 22News spoke with city officials after a viewer reported trash piling up on the banks of the Chicopee River.

Upon further inspection, 22News found that this was not only an area full of trash but a homeless encampment site as well. A viewer heading to the River to fish first contacted 22News about this site, upset at the trash that has been piling up in the woods at the end of Indian Leap in Springfield. The site was not only littered but also a camp for homeless people.

PHOTOS: Indian Leap Trash

“We have some folks on staff who do social work with us when we find encampments. We send them out to approach the people that are there and start talking to them about their needs and what we can do to help them resolve their homelessness.” Gerry McCafferty, director of housing, Springfield

The city offers a series of services to homeless people, from mental health to addiction, to help in finding a home, with the ultimate goal of securing them a safe place to live. McCafferty stated that there are a variety of issues that cause people to be homeless including the ever-increasing cost of housing.

The city added if you do see someone homeless and in need of help, just call the city’s helpline at 3-1-1.