SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Summer is approaching and the cost to travel just keeps going up.

When it comes to planning summer travel, Triple A recommends that people plan ahead, be flexible with their traveling dates, use a travel agent and get travel insurance to spend less on flights, hotels and venues. And If you plan to travel by car this summer, people should drive close to the speed limit for fuel efficiency, remove excess weight from the car, and pre book airport parking and rental cars.

Triple A Travel Sales Manager Anne Lischwe, tells 22News it’s also important to be flexible with your travel destination, “Be really flexible on destination is probably going to be your number one if you’re looking a little more off the track, we are seeing great rates even to Asia, South America to eastern Europe for example.”

She says traveling further may help travelers with costs when going on trips. Triple A adds that the amount you spend on your trip also comes down to the length of your stay, so people should be open to making adjustments.