CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – The U.S. diesel shortage is worsening as distillate inventories crash to their lowest levels since 2008.

The primary distillates are diesel, jet fuel and heating oil. This shortage stems from oil refineries having to close down during the pandemic, and many of them remain closed to this day. The cutoff from Russian imports is also affecting supply as tensions continue abroad.

22News spoke with a truck driver from New York who says the prices at the pump are almost double what they used to be.

“At the same time the diesel prices are at an all time high, the delivery prices are at an all time low,” said Mukhammad Maksudov of Buffalo, New York. “These two years, ever since I’ve been working, it’s probably the lowest and it’s 100 percent affecting my salary. I work as a lease owner operator, but overall the past six months, diesel prices have gone up, we’re not making much money.”

This recent pain at the pump will lead to a spike in shipping costs which will make the holiday season just that much more expensive.