CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – The United Auto Workers (UAW) Strike has expanded with thousands of additional workers walking off the job. This strike has extended beyond a week now, with higher wages and job security among the top demands from workers.

The union’s strike against General Motors, Stellantis and Ford came after a contract with the companies expired at midnight on September 14th. On Friday, dozens of workers walked out of factories in over 20 states, joining the more than 13,000 workers that had initially walked off.

“If the strike does keep going on, I’m sure that the price for the parts will go up, repair costs will go up. I definitely hope a deal can be reached. The workers in the auto space are hard workers, you know, it is a lot of work and they do deserve the compensation, especially with the cost of living going up,” said Ali Khaled, Manager of A&M Auto Body Shop in Chicopee.

The UAW is demanding big raises and better benefits. Negotiations have been in the works, however General Motors, Stellantis and Ford say they can’t afford to meet those demands.

It’s anticipated that an impact on car and parts prices won’t become inflated at least for a few weeks, if the strike persists.

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