AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP)– Agriculture experts from UMass Amherst are working with farmers in the region whose crops and fields have been damaged from recent floods.

UMass Extension, along with the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources, has been helping farmers mitigate threats to crops, maintain a safe food supply, and applying for financial assistance.

Flooded fields have made it difficult to manage crops or plant fall and winter crops. Plants growing in waterlogged soils are susceptible to diseases created by excessive wet conditions. Some farms lost livestock and have to remove carcasses to prevent diseases that can pass to other animals. Additionally, many will be seeking state and federal assistance while trying to recoup losses, repair fields and get them prepared for replanting.

UMass began as a land grant college in 1863 specializing in agriculture. It continues to offer 2-and 4-year degrees with hands on learning in a range of programs including Sustainable Food & Farming, Horticultural Science, Plant and Soil Science, and Arboriculture and Community Forest Management.