AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – 25th-anniversary celebrations of the signing of the Good Friday Agreement took place Monday.

UMass Amherst officials welcomed muralists Danny Devenny and Mark Ervine for a rededication of their mural “Justice, Diversity, and Opportunity,”

The mural was commissioned by UMass Amherst as part of peacebuilding efforts to highlight the power of art in conflict transformation.

“I think for decades, before the agreement. Northern Ireland was racked with political instability, lots of violence and after the agreement that violence subsided and more and more prosperity was able to grow in northern Ireland as the two communities, largely protestant and largely catholic got to know each other a bit better and figured out how to live side by side,” Dr. Peter Abbott , British Consul General to New England.

This event is part of the UMass Amherst Art of Conflict Transformation Spring 2023 Event Series.