SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Earlier this month, the FDA greenlit updated COVID boosters from Pfizer and Moderna to help curve the spread of COVID during the cold weather months.

Vaccination remains the best protection against a COVID-19-related hospitalization. The CDC’s Advisory Committee recommends anyone 6 months of age or older receive the latest booster.

The recommendation comes as COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths increase. Right now there is an average of more than 310 confirmed cases a day in Massachusetts which is almost double what we saw last month.

Arnaldo Berrios of Springfield plans on getting his shot as soon as he can, “I’m planning to get it, I recommend everyone to get it because it’s getting spread more now so now that all the children are going back to school, I recommend everyone to get it, especially the children and elderly people.”

The arrival of another round of COVID-19 vaccines this week offers more protection for a population that is already weary of the disease, and has built up some immunity, but that remains vulnerable to new variants that are taking hold according to the AAMC.

For people who haven’t gotten a booster since last fall and haven’t had a recent COVID infection, experts say they should get their booster as soon as possible. People with recent COVID infections may wait about 90 days from their illness before getting the booster. And people who are unvaccinated can also get the booster without having to complete a multi-dose primary series beforehand.

Pharmacies across the state have already started administering the new COVID-19 booster shots. You can schedule appointments online and some locations do take Walk-in appointments.

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