HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP)–Mayor Joshua Garcia of Holyoke explored one of his city’s most pleasant possibilities on Monday.

Garcia led State Representative Pat Duffy and State Senator John Velis on a tour of the Mass. International Festival of the Arts (MIFA) Victory theatre. They carefully assessed what it would take to overhaul this 1920 building into the type of landmark that would be the lynchpin for Holyoke’s cultural renewal. Restoration on the historic victory theatre in Holyoke has been a work-in-progress for a long time now. The mayor hopes to lead the once stately, sixteen hundred seat building out of decline and into a new role to be of benefit to Holyoke and the entire region.

“The impact. We’ve been able to see what theaters have been able to do, we know it’s going to be an anchor for the community, stability, city and economic growth for Holyoke and the greater region,” remarked Mayor Garcia.

The tour comes just one week after a team of musicians known as the MIFA Victory Theater Players performed a fundraising concert in San Juan Puerto, Rico.

The mayor envisions the Victory theater of tomorrow going beyond the world of art and culture and hopes that the restoration will be a regional economic driver offering touring Broadway musicals, plays and special international events as well as supporting local events.

After the tour the mayor and his legislative guests did some brainstorming on what would it take to fulfil everyone’s ambition to return the theater to its one time glory.

It is estimated that as a state-of-the-art regional performing arts center, the theater will draw more than 60,000 visitors a year, generate more than $6 million a year in direct and audience spending, create new jobs, foster new businesses, provide unique workforce development and career opportunities, increase educational enrichment, and drive meaningful community engagement.