(WWLP) – The Greater Commonwealth Virtual School assisted public schools across Massachusetts that implemented virtual options for students in need.

The Single District Virtual School program was overseen by the local school committee for school districts in Attleboro, Brockton, Chelsea, Peabody, Pittsfield, Springfield and Westfield for families that needed a virtual option due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. This model was separate from the two additional certified virtual schools in the state.

The option will continue to be available for the next school year. “The state has become very aware of students in need of the virtual learning environment,” Director Jordan said. “It’s all about keeping kids connected and supported, and if there is one thing the pandemic taught us, it is that kids learn in a variety of ways and need a variety of settings to best meet their needs. There have always been reasons why students might learn better outside of a traditional classroom, and bullying has always been one people think of, but there are a variety of medical reasons that are now being discussed as well. It is very important that all of these reasons are brought to the forefront.”

Director Lord said the collaboration with Greater Commonwealth Virtual School has been invaluable during the year. “GCVS has been so generous with their time to assist the SDVS schools, and we are proud to share in their passion for making virtual education work,” he said. “GCVS was so brave and so ahead of its time in so many ways to launch their virtual model years ago, and we are grateful for their support.”