SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Springfield City Council President Jesse Lederman is looking for volunteers to help identify priorities and give policy recommendations for the city on how to engage people in local government.

The council is accepting applications for appointment to a new working group on civic engagement. Applications are available on the city’s website.

“Community and public participation should be at the heart of the work local government does every day, and we need more community voices at the table to solve our city’s greatest challenges and develop the next generation of leaders in Springfield,” said Council President Lederman, “Some of the issues I am thinking about are improving turnout in municipal elections, making it easier to engage with elected officials and local government entities, and encouraging residents to get involved with the important work of our neighborhoods councils, civic associations, and municipal boards and commissions. I expect the group will identify other priorities as well.”

“I want us to reach more people and involve more people in the work of local government. I’m hopeful to engage a diverse cross-section of our community to develop innovative recommendations to make local government work better,” added Lederman.

Residents interested in serving should be prepared to make a commitment to meeting in the evening as a working group in-person or virtually at least 4 times between September and December.