SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Inflation has caused a lot of hardship in the Pioneer Valley including for those who served in our military.

The United Way has created a “Warming Hearts” program for veterans in need. The United Way of Pioneer Valley will partner with the Bilingual Veteran’s Outreach Center to raise money for struggling veterans and their families. The donations are for those in need of warmth during the colder months.

The creation of the Warming Hearts initiative came about through the joint effort of the United Way and the Veteran’s Outreach Center.

“Veterans have done a lot for us, in our community, we want to give back, and we want to make sure that with skyrocketing food and fuel prices this year and going forward we want to be able to assist and help them.” Walter Rice, Director of Programs and Outreach, United Way of Pioneer Valley

To donate to the Warming Hearts program, contact Walter Rice, Director of Programs and Outreach, United Way of Pioneer Valley, at 413-693-0215 or visit uwpv.org.

The United Way’s warming hearts program was immediately embraced by Stg. Gumersindo Gomez, Executive Director at the Bilingual Veterans Outreach Centers of Mass Inc. He told 22News, “the way prices have gone up, hopefully, this program will assist them to get the help they need. We invite everybody to join us to help those who defended their country when we needed that.”

“We need your help for our veterans who need access to more resources. Warming Hearts is a great way to get involved.  I am proud to assist this program of the United Way of Pioneer Valley towards helping all those veterans in our local communities who are in need,” notes Sgt. Gomez.

As Gumersindo Gomez put it, he’s proud to help the United Way help those veterans in need.