CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – The cold snap western Massachusetts residents have experienced over the holidays served as a reminder for the winter that if you are not careful, your pipes can freeze.

Frozen pipes can burst, resulting in expensive and time consuming repairs. Homeowners can take simple steps to prevent pipes from freezing. First, experts recommend disconnecting any outside hoses. Also, think about insulating your cellar pipes.

Collin Greenwyn, the Logistics Supervisor at Harbor Freight Tools told 22News, “You definitely want to check and make sure that your pipes are definitely insulated. You want to at least grab some insulation tape. Wrap it nice and firm, get it all the away across, that way if there’s any kind of crack in the pipe, it’s not going to be as much damage.”

Other steps to take are to keep your thermostat at an even temperature, keep doors ajar to keep heat circulating, and if temperatures drop really low, set your faucets to drip.