CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – The demand for summer travel is high this year and is expected to be more expensive than ever, so if you haven’t booked your summer travel plans, you should get on it soon.

According to AAA, they are already seeing large crowds at popular domestic and international travel destinations, and the lift of travel restrictions adds to the demand.

The association says International travel bookings are up more than 200% compared to 2022, so they recommend that people plan in advance or travel towards the end of the summer. AAA also says you should book with travel agents to save time and find a vacation that fits your needs and budget.

Because of the high summer travel demand it is expected to be more expensive than ever. Some people have been waiting weeks for the right deal. Daniel Engelke and his partner Emily Coggins from Westhampton say they are going to France, and then Vancouver for a wedding later this month, “It was so expensive! Everybody’s traveling this year given COVID lockdowns are finally over but…very expensive. We been trying to shop around for details as much as we can, but also splurge a little bit as well.”

The two planned these trips for about a year, but they say the air fare was still high.

“The flights were what was expensive and we almost didn’t go to one of the weddings because it was so expensive, and we just waited, and waited, and checked everyday until it dropped a little bit. That was patience, and that we had enough time where we can do that,” expressed Coggins.

If you plan to take a road trip, AAA recommends people get a vehicle inspection and leave early to avoid traffic, especially on weekends or holidays. For those who plan to travel by plane, book non-stop early flights and get to the airport two hours early.

If you plan to go on a cruise, AAA says to find a travel advisor to get discounts and benefits but most travelers are looking at 2024 departures because people are booking up these cruises.