(WWLP) – The ongoing war in Ukraine, among other factors, is expected to cause a dramatic increase in utility costs this winter. Whether you heat with oil, gas, or electric, people will likely have to pay more as the colder months roll in.

Communities in Massachusetts are bracing for higher heating bills this winter.

According to the state, the cost of heating for residential customers is predicted to increase by roughly 28 percent for natural gas. Propane is expected to rise by 3 percent and electric heating is estimated to increase by over 50 percent.

22News spoke to Troy Robinson of Rhode Island about what plans they have in place to save money for this time of year. “I guess it’s scary, you know, as far as how much you’re going to have to pay to keep your house warm and things of that nature. I know the last couple of winters I was putting the seal on the windows and seal on the door to keep the heat in and not letting the cold come in.”

National Grid recommends an energy-efficient audit that will provide tips on ways to save money on heating bills. Some of these tips include lowering the water heater, installing a programmable thermostat, unplugging devices that are not in use, and having proper insulation.

Massachusetts offers a wide variety of financial incentives for all consumers to save on their energy bills. Including; no-cost programs for home upgrades, and enhanced incentives for income eligible customers. Both homeowners and renters can apply and the application is free, to find how where and how to apply head to the fuel assistant page on the Massachusetts website.