CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Outages are down dramatically since their peak Tuesday at over 70,000 as utility crews tie up the loose ends for communities impacted by this week’s weather.

Last check only 16,000 customers are without power in the state, but when it comes to taking on these outages it comes with a game plan.

22News talked with Eversource Spokesperson Priscilla Ress. She said when it comes to identifying outages, they rely on your reports.

Calling in an outage or using the app helps utility companies see which areas they need to go to,
but they then have to decide which areas they need to prioritize.

A hospital, fire, police that they have their power up and running as quickly as possible even if that means us bringing in generation to bring a generator to them so they are able to respond to an emergency

Priscilla Ress Spokesperson, Eversource

From there, they pick areas where restoring power will have the greatest impact for the most people, so more densely populated spots.

Ress said Eversource intends to have power restored to everyone by 10pm Wednesday night.