SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A record number of people are expected to travel to holiday celebrations this fourth of July weekend, which may have you wondering how best to get to your destination.

One option is to take a train. 22News spoke with Atlantic City residents John Tench and Debby Robertson who traveled via train to Springfield to visit grandchildren. They said it was an enjoyable experience

“We were on time, very little delay anywhere,” said Tench. “Only one train packed up full but it was no overpack. It didn’t seem like there was anybody left on the cargo bays when we left.”

Robertson added, “It was awesome, we wanted to get a rental car and we had some problems so the train was our next option and I’m glad we did, actually it was the better option.”

Another option is to take a bus to your destination, which offers a similar travel experience. Don Soja, Director of Operations for Peter Pan Bus lines told 22news that preparations are already underway for this weekend.

“Well for the holiday, we’ve increased our capacity for a lot of the Northeast,” said Soja. “I think the most important thing for us is keeping fares low.”

Peter Pan Bus Lines will have over 100 additional departures this weekend, so even with an increase in passenger they anticipate smooth travel. Soja noted that fuel prices have impacted fares slightly, but still believes it can save travelers money compared to driving to their holiday destinations.

He also says that buying a ticket is simple. “It’s easy, it’s as flexible as possible. Our online tickets are paperless, you walk up get your ticket online and get aboard any bus.”

Soja is hopeful that these factors will make bus rides smooth and affordable this holiday weekend.