LUDLOW, Mass. (WWLP) – Americans have been watching the price of gas continue to rise.

“It’s awful, it’s awful, you can’t keep up – not just for gas but for everything,” said Ludlow resident Carmen Caravahlo.

What’s pushing these prices? Primarily the war in Ukraine. Countries like the United States have banned imported oil from Russia, oil that was once refined into gasoline and diesel. This has left the world scrambling to replace it. Add to that a shortage in refining capacity around the world and now Americans are finding themselves in tough spot.

According to experts at Gas Buddy, Americans today have spent collectively over a half a billion dollars more on gas than they did just one year ago.

People 22News spoke to are upset, wondering why the government won’t do more.

“We have gas fields here in America, we’re buying our own oil from other countries, but what about our stocks. Can we dip into them and maybe make customers pay a little less during war time,” stated Paul Meaus of Boston.

Looking ahead, the next few weeks will be tough. Demand for gas due to summer driving could make prices climb higher.

“Around this time of year, we are right at the point annually where the prices typically peak… but in the next couple of weeks we expect the prices to pretty much level off, so we may be at a plateau right now. I know that’s not really big consolation for people who have to fill up regularly, a couple of cents wouldn’t feel like much of a saving, especially since we are up so high,” said Mark Schieldrop.

Schieldrop added that the only things that can bring the prices down in a meaningful way are an economic recession or a change in the Ukrainian conflict.