SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Being a teenager can be hard especially if you don’t have someone to guide you through it all.

That’s why one group in Springfield is bringing Springfield teenage girls together to help teach them some important life lessons.

“We want to make sure we are empowering the young girls in our community and giving them the message that if you work hard and inspire to education you can be successful,” said Brianna Johnson, a WISE committee member.

Dozens of Springfield teenage girls were at Springfield College Saturday morning for a workshop on empowerment.

All of the members on the committee for “Women inspiring self-love and excellence” also known as wise, have been in the same shoes as these Springfield teenagers. They all grew up in Springfield went to high school in Springfield and now have all gone on to have successful careers. They range from doctors to lawyers to educators.

All of the girls part of this organization are from the ages of 13-18, the organizers hope to encourage them to go on to higher education.

“We really try to put an emphasis on higher education and also on self-esteem and navigating all of the social constructs like gender and racial stereotypes,” said Johnson.

Through this organization many of these girls are getting a better idea of the many different things they can do with their lives. One Springfield high school students told 22News she’s taken a lot away from these seminars.

“Not to be pushed around by other people and that I’m important in the community. Just because I may be younger or I’m a girl or especially because I’m black, it doesn’t mean I’m not as important as other people,” said Karissa Coleman.

Karrisa also told 22News she’s deciding on whether she wants to become a lawyer or a police officer.