BOSTON (WWLP) – The Baker-Polito administration announced Thursday that 40 cities and towns in the Commonwealth will receive a total of  $345,337.95 in grant funding.

This funding will be allotted for new equipment, technology, training and planning for first responders. The grants were paid from the Commonwealth Security Trust Fund (CSTF) grant program and distributed by the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security’s Office of Grants and Research (OGR). The funds for this grant program were raised through the sale of “United We Stand” license plates and interest earnings.

In a statement, Governor Baker said: “Our administration is proud to support first responders across Massachusetts with these new grant awards… By meeting critical needs for rescue equipment, protective gear, and other lifesaving tools, the Commonwealth Security Trust Fund grants will help keep them safe and support their important work.”

Lt. Governor Polito adding: “Local police and fire departments respond to every type of emergency and can face unexpected danger on any call…The Commonwealth Security Trust Fund helps our cities and towns train, prepare, and equip them for the hazards they may have to confront on any call.”

The amount and recipients of the grants were chosen by a Board of Trustees with members from state government, law enforcement, the fire service, and relatives of Massachusetts victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks. The grants vary from $1,320 to $20,000 and will be used to cover a range of equipment spanning from life-saving materials to communications equipment.

“These grants will make a difference to police officers, firefighters, and the communities they serve… We’re grateful for the chance to make these funds available to public safety professionals across the Commonwealth,” said Undersecretary Jeanne Benincasa Thorpe of the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security. Thorpe also serves as chair designee of the CSTF Board of Trustees.

The full list of the towns receiving grants, the amounts awarded, and the purpose of those grants is listed below.

AgawamFire$5,995.00Inflatable water rescue craft
AshfieldFire$16,500.007 Sets of structural turnout gear
BelchertownFire$5,280.004 Drums of Class A foam
BoxboroughFire$5,255.928 Protection vests
BridgewaterPolice$5,540.705 Portable radios; 55 radio batteries
BrocktonPolice$10,671.368 Portable radios
BrooklineFire$9,390.85Active shooter training and practice radios
BrooklinePolice$7,152.14Radios; Medical equipment; PPE; Tents;
CheshireFire$13,600.00ProteSction equipment
CohassetFire$6,201.88Mobile data terminal; 4 atmospheric monitors
DudleyFire$20,000.008 Sets of structural gear
HolbrookPolice$2,712.284 Sets of protective equipment; 10 Bola wrap devices
HolyokeFire$11,720.002 Ice rescue sleds; 6 Ice/water rescue suits
LeominsterFire$15,424.2012 Ballistic gear sets
LincolnFire$5,738.00Ballistic plates; vests & helmets
LincolnPolice$3,300.00Ballistic helmets
LowellFire$9,000.004 hearing protection w/ comms
LynnfieldFire$9,781.00Gas meters
MarionFire$5,976.00Active shooter training
New BraintreeFire$1,320.004 Active shooter helmets; 3 Portable radios
North AdamsPolice$7,450.00Bodily protection equip.; med bags
PepperellFire$10,000.004 Radios; 4 speaker mics; 4 batts. & chargers
PepperellPolice$8,709.49Road closure barriers
PittsfieldPolice$7,816.00Equipment & training
PlymptonFire$11,110.00Training: Stop the Bleed/Active Shooter
ReverePolice$2,549.00Ballistic helmets; Medical supplies
RocklandFire$8,905.007 Tablets
RowePolice$9,960.00Laptop; display & video conferencing system
ShelburneFire$9,946.008 Breathing appartuses
ShirleyPolice$10,552.00Active shooter gear
SouthamptonFire$11,250.00Skid unit & trailer
SouthboroughPolice$7,516.00Portable radios
SouthwickFire$8,475.00Mounted tablets
StowPolice$5,000.00Casualty care equipment; Training equip.
UptonPolice$6,671.363 Portable radios
WarrenFire$7,620.2513 Radios
WorcesterFire$19,808.65Portable radios
YarmouthPolice$5,126.00First aid; laptop/modem; binoculars