Local politicians react to eviction moratorium extension


UTICA, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY-TV) — New York State has extended its eviction moratorium until January, becoming the first state to protect renters since the supreme court ruled against the federal moratorium last week. But not everyone was in favor of the extension, both Assemblywoman Marianne Buttenschon and Senator Joseph Griffo voted against it.

“I’ve heard from many landlords in regards to the importance of them being whole,” Buttenschon said. “They have not been paid some of them 17 months and then even prior to that if they were having an issue with a tenant. So this extension of determining how to make them whole is a severe issue.”

“I didn’t feel that kicking the can down the road and continuing to put a moratorium in place without any real objective evaluation about the length of this,” Griffo said. “Because we can see ourselves in January having the same debate on the same issue.”

Governor Kathy Hochul called members of the legislature back to Albany for an extraordinary session yesterday where the Democrat-led senate and assembly voted to extend the moratorium until Jan 15. Those who were opposed to the extension felt there were better ways to handle the issue and ensure that landlords got paid.

“Property owners can not be expected to just sit there and to not take care of their property and have payment that is owed and due remitted because they have property taxes to pay they have a number of financial obligations that they have to meet,” Griffo said.

The Emergency Rental Assistance Program, a federal program, was supposed to help both tenants and renters, by providing temporary rental assistance but those funds have been slow coming from the state.

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