HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP)–Traditionally the day after New Year’s is much too cold and snowy for a day in the park with the family. But the unusually mild weather during the first days of the year found some people out in local parks taking advantage of this welcoming weather.

The temperatures were mild Monday, just as the 22News storm team predicted it would be. The Dejesus family of Holyoke, Mom, Dad and their two children, spent much of their time at the Highland Park. When you’ve got a day like this you don’t spend it indoors.

“I’m just trying to enjoy the weather, you know, while we have it, a day like this at the beginning in January, I’m trying to take advantage of it,” said Thomas DeJesus.

Since they’ll be back to work and the children back to school when the temperature’s expected to really warm up on Wednesday, this was the perfect time to run around ,exersize and play their favorite game as a family.

“We’re all home for new year’s and it’s just a nice day to be out, hanging with the family and and getting some fresh air,” remarked Sally DeJesus. “We all like to play football, so we throw the ball around a lot, throw the ball around play on the side.”

A familiar site-families spending high quality time together-courtesy of some great weather- in parks and playgrounds throughout Western Massachusetts on just the second of the new year. What a way to get things started for 2023.