Love for socks brings former presidents together


(CNN) – So what does a former president get another former president who probably has everything? Socks. And not just any socks. Green ones with chocolate Labradors.

George H.W. Bush is a sock man, having been spotted sporting everything from pink socks to lobster socks. It’s no wonder that Bill Clinton is socking it to him. The two became close while traveling together to disasters like the tsunami in South Asia.

Clinton said, “I love George Bush,” to which Bush replied, “I just enjoy being with the guy.”

Clinton knows Bush loves socks. His collection has inspired headlines like “All the Presidents’ Socks.” If you think Superman is for kids, check out Bush’s Superman socks worn on his 89th birthday. His presidential library foundation asked folks to send in their own flamboyant sock photos in honor of his birthday. “Read my lips. No boring socks,” tweeted one guy.

George W. Bush is more conservative with his crocs and socks bearing the presidential seal. If you donate to the GOP, you can get an autographed pair.

The former president knows how to charm the ladies. He donned a red, white, and blue pair to cheer on the Houston Texans cheerleading squad. And though he’s known for being humble, his selfie socks were a minor sensation. Given to him by a fan, they ended up being auctioned off for charity for $535.

Those selfie socks don’t quite have the flair of the Trump hair socks, which are selling for $35.69 at Walmart. But be prepared to, not just wash, but comb your socks.

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