LUDLOW, Mass. (WWLP) – A Ludlow resident was arrested last week, after he allegedly called his neighbor a “terrorist” and then barricaded himself inside his home.

Ludlow Police Sgt. David Belanger told 22News that Jose Ortiz was arrested last Tuesday. Belanger said that Ortiz’s neighbor, a man of Turkish origin, was leaving his house with his two young children, when Ortiz began calling him a “terrorist” and other names. He said that this has been an ongoing problem between Ortiz and the victim, who live next to one another in a duplex, especially when Ortiz has been drinking.

The police were called, and once they got there, Belanger says Ortiz locked himself inside, preventing the officers and his girlfriend (who also lives there) from entering. The suspect’s girlfriend gave police permission to take down the door, and once Ortiz was informed of this, Belanger says the suspect opened the door, but ran into another room.

Belanger said that Ortiz refused to cooperate with police, and after talking to the victim and the suspect’s girlfriend, Ortiz was arrested on several charges, including disturbing the peace, obstruction of justice, and interfering with a person’s civil rights.