SPOKANE, WA (CNN) – U.S. marshals arrested a man carrying an assault rifle at the entrance to the federal courthouse in Spokane, Washington. He was with his two children who also carried guns.

Anthony Bosworth came to the federal courthouse to protest wearing an AK-47 on his back, his two children each carrying a “cricket” or a .22 youth model. The Department of Homeland Security and federal marshals quickly approached him. They got in a discussion about whether he could be outside the courthouse.

“They said I was illegally trespassing on federal land with a firearm. They quoted the law, they actually misquoted the law saying I was illegally on federal property, when the law they quoted states I must be in the facility in the building which I corrected them on,” said Anthony Bosworth.

That law in question is title 18 U.S. code 930 regarding possession of firearms and dangerous weapons in federal facilities. It defines a federal facility as “A building or part thereof owned or leased by the federal government, where federal employees are regularly present for the purpose of performing their official duties.” Bosworth said there were no clear boundaries, and he should be allowed outside the steps of the courthouse, but the marshals didn’t agree.

“We were complying we were proceeding to head towards what we thought was state land or federal land the border there, we still hadn’t gotten clearance from them which was which, that’s when they placed me under arrest and took me in,” Bosworth continued.

Bosworth believes he was within his rights, and says he will continue to work to defend the constitution, “I was arrested for practicing my second amendment right 10 feet away from a plaque that enshrines our bill of rights. They’ve got it posted right there, but yet they will illegally arrest an American citizen with it sitting right there.”

Bosworth said he was questioned by the FBI, but was not charged with anything.  His guns were not immediately returned to him, but he was confident he would get them back soon.

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