HILLSBORO, OR. (CNN) – A man held in an Oregon jail for over 900 days, without committing a crime, is once again free.

Benito Vazquez Hernandez was held as a material witness in a murder trial for 2-and-a-half years.

He finally testified this week, but it may not have helped the state’s case much.

“ln that recording you tell police there was blood on the door of the van.”

His long-awaited testimony (he’s been jailed since September 26th, 2012) was not what prosecutors had hoped for.

Vazquez Hernandez was held under Oregon’s material witness statute after telling police he had seen blood in his son’s minivan.

Hernandez’s son, Eloy Vazquez Santiago, is charged with stabbing Maria Bolanos-Rivera to death. Also, Hernandez told another son that he’d seen Eloy hide a knife.

Those statements to police, made in 2012, are on tape, but Vazquez Hernandez refuted all of it.

“Did you see a bloody knife in your sons hand that day?”

“No en la mano…” translator: “I didn’t see any thing… I didn’t see his hand… I didn’t see anything.”

He denied having any knowledge at all of his son’s involvement with the disappearance of Bolanos-Rivera; her body is still missing.

It’s a story his attorney claims is the same story he heard for the last year and a half.

“You told them it was blood, sir, correct?

“No no no. No, I didn’t say that… That’s just lies… i didn’t say it was blood.”

One man with two different stories, taking place at two different times and places.

A jury of 4 men and 8 women will now have to decide what they believe, while Vazquez Hernandez reunites with his family in California.