Man spends thousands feeding deer in retirement


(CNN) – A retired man in Maine who used to hunt and eat deer is now spending thousands of dollars to feed them instead.

Richard McMahon from the Brownville’s Food Pantry for Deer said, “It’s almost like I created my own problem. The more I put out, the more they eat. There’s one of the big bucks right there.”

McMahon calls it a double-edged sword. From the time he started feeding the deer outside his window in Brownville, the heard practically tripled.

McMahon said, “They tried to talk me out of it and tell me this isn’t a good thing and the chronic wasting disease will get them, and this and that. But I haven’t found one negative yet.”

State biologists have visited, clearing McMahon’s yearly commitment, one his son helps out with as his father grows older.

Randy McMahon, Richard’s Son, said “He hunted them throughout the years and he believes he wants to give back now and he’s doing it and then some.”

Richard McMahon said, “I haven’t shot a deer for 16 years. I kind of mended my ways and went the other way and started feeding them instead of eating them.”

McMahon spends $4,500 a year buying oats, money he says is best spent on charity.

McMahon said, “I think it’s just my calling. Everyone thinks I’m crazy for spending that kind of money but I enjoy it and I think I’m gonna continue doing it.”

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