WINCHESTER, Mass. (CNN) – It started with a letter to the editor in the Winchester Star over lawn signs. A little tit for tat ended in a social media firestorm.

Luke Macanucco, 7th Grader said, “I read with great interest, Mr. John Natale’s colossal misunderstanding of the hate has no home here signs.”

Outspoken at just 13. Macanucco spent spring vacation teaching us all a lesson in civics. Penning his thoughts, not letting this opinion go unanswered.

The writer, ruffled over these lawn signs, called those who have them “self-righteous snowflakes”

“If you’re going to say signs exhibit snowflake sensitivity, take a moment to think about how you are writing an angry letter to a newspaper about a lawn sign,” The 7th grader fired back. “Where, when and how did you become the lord high decider of morality? Never, we just put a lawn sign down. Calm down dude.”

His frank, sometimes snarky reply caught on. Tweeted by an ACLU attorney, then shared 11,000 times, including by Chelsea Clinton.

Macanucco: “It’s crazy, I can’t even comprehend any of it.”

Reporter: “Your first foray into politics. Is this the end for you?

Macanucco: “I don’t know, hopefully not.”

Macanucco’s less concerned about the attention, hoping more to change minds. “I hope it sends a message to at least one person. I hope my point gets across to somebody because that was really the purpose of the letter.”