Massachusetts RMV warning customers about “mimic websites”


The Registry of Motor Vehicles is warning drivers to be on the lookout for hoax websites that have been popping up online.

Many people use the registry to renew their license, schedule a road test, or process online transactions.

The RMV is urging you to use caution if you plan on completing any of these services online. Several third party, “mimic sites,” have been advertising these services, even though they have no affiliation with the RMV. 

If you accidentally use one of these websites, it could put your personal information at risk.

One person told 22News they know how easy it can be to click on these unofficial websites. 

“I get kinda leery, so I end up looking for the Mass gov make sure it’s the right site.” said Chris Maleko.
“I ask people and they’re like oh.. I rather go to the DMV you know it’s safer that way even though the lines are long but they work better now.”

There are a few ways you can tell whether the website is legitimate.

Massachusetts uses the abbreviation “RMV.” If the website uses the phrase “DMV,” or “Department of Motor Vehicles,” it’s not the correct website. 

You should also be able to find the Commonwealth’s seal somewhere on the website. If you can’t find it, you should leave the website immediately.

The RMV also said they never charge customers to check their  license status, registration, or title. If a website is asking you to pay for these services, it’s a hoax.

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