CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP)– Keeping energy costs down can be a challenge.

“Yeah we try to save money. Installing new windows and new doors, and new installation and stuff like that too,” Ron Staslowski, from Chicopee, told 22News about how his family tries to save on energy costs.

Now, the latest Wallethub study shows that Massachusetts now ranks 3rd overall as the most energy expensive state in the nation.

Specifically, the study found that Massachusetts ranks in the top five most expensive states for heating your home using oil.

The study also found Massachusetts is in the top 20 most states expensive for fuel costs, and is in the top 10 most expensive states for electricity costs.

Eversource Energy spokeswoman Priscilla Ress told 22News that as the summer heats up there are some inexpensive ways to keep electricity costs down each month.

“You want to be sure that you’re running that air conditioner as efficiently as possible. You want to make sure that the unit is clean, that there is nothing that is blocking the flow of that cold air,” Ress said.

Ress also told 22News to be sure the air conditioner you use is the right size for the room you’re trying to cool.

Other money saving tips include making sure the seal around your refrigerator door is effective. You can also keep your shades down during the day to keep the sun’s heat out, and open up your windows at night to allow the cool air in.