FITCHBURG, Mass. (WWLP) – The MSPCA is looking for people to adopt homeless dogs as the population has largely increased due to a large surrender from a Fitchburg home, and a pre-arranged transport of accepting over a dozen dogs from South Carolina.

An owner in Fitchburg surrendered 16 American Bully dogs, mostly puppies, on December 2nd to the MSPCA-Angell after realizing they were living in an unstable environment. Three additional adult dogs were taken in by Fitchburg Animal Control from the same home but will likely be taken in by the MSPCA.

“The dogs were living in less than ideal conditions, and the owner realized that the situation was unstable and opted to surrender the dogs to our care,” said MSPCA-Angell Director of Adoption Centers and Programs, Mike Keiley, who confirmed that Fitchburg Animal Control took in three adult dogs from the same home.  “It’s possible we will also receive those adult dogs in the coming days,” added Keiley.

Additionally, the MSPCA is scheduled to receive 15-20 large dogs Saturday from the Berkeley Animal Center in South Carolina. Like most animal shelters during this time of year, Berkeley Animal Center has experienced a slowdown in adoptions as well as a large surrender of animals.

MSPCA told 22News that their shelter is running out of space as dogs are waiting to be adopted. MSPCA and the Northeast Animal Shelter are offering a reduced fee on adoption for all adult dogs through December. Dogs that are one year or older are available for $100, a savings of at least $250. If you are interested in adopting visit for more information.

“Larger dogs can be harder to place because many adopters worry they require more space and more exercise than smaller dogs, and while that’s true for some larger dogs, it definitely is not the case for many,” he said. 

Just days before the American Bully dogs arrived, the organization took in 18 horses surrendered from a property in Alford.

“Our goal is to adopt out as many of these dogs locally as we can to ensure our ability to continue providing on-the-ground support to Berkeley Animal Center, a shelter that we have been mentoring over the last year to ensure staff can ultimately resolve the homeless pet population across the communities they serve,” Keiley continued. 

Photos of the Bully puppies are attached and may be used with an MSPCA-Angell credit.