3.6 magnitude earthquake hits southeast Massachusetts, rumbles felt as far as Springfield


CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – You may have felt some rumbles Sunday morning in the Springfield area.

The U.S. Geological Survey is reporting a magnitude 3.6 earthquake detected nearly 7 miles south of Bliss Corner, Massachusetts which is located in the southeast part of the state. The magnitude 3.6 was revised down from an earlier estimate of 4.0 from the USGS. The earthquake hit around 9:10 a.m. Sunday morning and rumbles of the earthquake could be felt as far as Springfield.

A magnitude 3.6 earthquake is considered minor, and is a strength that people can feel. Magnitude 5.0 is when earthquakes can start causing minor property damage, so thankfully there was no damage reported.

Dozens of 22News viewers sent in their reports of feeling shakes, vibrations, and a rolling, wave-like type motion and hearing grumbling and roaring noises. Many people reported items in their homes shaking around for no longer than 10 to 15 seconds.

Credit: U.S. Geological Survey

Viewer Reports:

Our house shook around 9:08 this morning, a few rumblings. Holland, MA. 

Team Hoyt

I felt the earthquake at 9:10 am just as I sat down to eat. I also heard a rumbling sound. 
I am in Turners Falls, MA.


I felt the earthquake here in Amherst. I looked at a clock, and it was the exact time that Kelly Reardon reported – 9:10 AM. It felt like a rumbling as others reported, but I also felt a kind of rolling motion similar to what one feels sitting in a canoe, or boat going over very gentle, small waves.


I live on Edendale Street in Springfield. My couch shook at, ten or eleven past nine, I knew right off there was an earthquake… had one before and it shook harder.


I live in Russell, MA. I felt the earthquake at around 9:10am. I was sitting in the living room and something in the garage underneath me started rattling for just a minute.


I was sitting on my couch and heard some grumbling noise so I thought maybe it was wind, but looked out the window and nothing. At the same time the house started shaking and it felt like the couch was swaying like a swing. I looked at the large plant next to me and the leaves were all shaking.  It lasted about 5 seconds or so. I live on the Springfield/Wilbraham line.


Sitting in my living room in Longmeadow and things started falling off the fireplace mantle. Sounded like something fell in the roof. Yikes!


We felt the earthquake around 9:10 to 9:15.   We live in Ludlow, MA, close to Wilbraham. Felt like something was coming towards my house, then the house shock.


I live in Huntington MA and did feel the quake although very subtle. A very faint vibration throughout the overstuffed chair. I thought my cell phone was vibrating. Didn’t pay much attention to not being able to figure it out until a few minutes ago when Kelly reported it!! That’s what the vibration was!!!   


We just felt an earthquake in South Hadley. The whole house shook back and forth and it sounded like someone was stomping on the roof.


I felt the earthquake around 9:10 in Feeding Hills sitting in my living room, and I was like what was that? I am from Iceland and have lived through many earthquakes from back home so this was kinda of fun for me 🙂


At 9:12 in Palmer Mass. I saw curtain moving side to side and saw vibrations in my tea I was sitting on table. Also heard some rumbling noise for about 20 seconds. 

Asst Fire Chief Bondsville Fire Dept Mike Germaine

We felt the earth quake here in Hampden, MA. We were sitting there and all of a sudden our bi-fold closet door started rattling. Our first thought was we had closed one of the cats in the closet. I got up and no cat inside. We thought it a bit strange. A few minutes later you came on the tv and said there had been and earthquake. Thanks for solving that mystery.


I felt the earthquake about 20 mins ago. I was sitting on my loveseat and could feel it move like a wave went under it. My son was in the kitchen at the the same time and felt it plus saw a box on the counter shake. 

Christine, Easthampton

I felt it in Wales. I thought it was the wind and then the house rumbled. I ran outside thinking it was a huge truck going by but then realized it was an earthquake!!!


We felt a earthquake here in Wilbraham, MA. It was pretty substantial the house shook rattling our windows & my glasses hanging were clanging & my daughter was laying in bed, her bed was moving as well as my chair I was sitting in. 


I’m writing in to say I felt the earthquake this morning! I live in 16 acres Springfield. I was sitting at my table and it started to shake and then I got up and realized the entire house was shaking! I knew right away it was an earthquake and then it was on 22News right after!


At approximately 9:10 a.m. I was sitting on my couch drinking my coffee and everything began to shake I didn’t know what to think.

Bill, West Springfield

At 9:10/9:11am – for 2 to 3 seconds felt an earthquake and one piece of furniture that is not perfectly level containing wine and glass bottles was heard shaking. Located off Stony Hill Road in Wilbraham, MA. Also noticed the birds outside our window were silent seconds before this occurred. They are chirping away now.

John, Wilbraham

I am in Ware, MA and at about 9:10 I felt and heard a rumbling for close to 7 seconds. The bed shook and lifted off the floor a bit. Everything in the room shook, and one item fell off my nightstand. It was the strongest quake I’ve ever experienced in this area.

Ware resident

Good morning. I am on St. James Ave. and my entire house shook earlier. It sounded like a large truck thing fast by the house and it began to shake for at least 30 seconds. Glad someone else reported as well.  Thought I was hallucinating!

Toni, Springfield

We felt the shaking in Ware, Mass about 15-20 minutes ago, for about 5 seconds or so. My husband joked, “What was that an earthquake?” And then we heard the newscaster mentioned she felt it too.

Melissa, Ware

I felt the earthquake in South Deerfield MA, at 9:11. The chair I was sitting in started shaking.

Karin, South Deerfield

I felt two tremors here in Gill, MA. We live just east of and overlooking Barton’s Cove off the Connecticut River. There was a very short initial tremor at approximately 9:12 and then another one that lasted about 45 seconds two minutes later.

Rhonda, Gill

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