4 shot near bounce house full of kids in Massachusetts


Boston Police are investigating after four people were shot during a Fourth of July party.

Police say it happened as dozens of children were played in a bounce house nearby.

Shell casings from three different guns are spread all over a Dorchester street. Police around 6:30 say a group of people were outside on Fayston Street, celebrating the 4th when things got heated.

Commissioner William B. Evans of the Boston Police said, “It appears there was an argument at one of these houses where a party was going on, words were exchanged, and instead of fighting with their hands, guns were pulled out and there was an exchange of gunfire.”

In all, 4 people were shot, one with life threatening injuries.

On this hot holiday, there were tons of people outside on the street, including a lot of kids in a bounce house feet away from where this shootout happened.

“We probably had 25 kids jumping up and down, having a good time. We’re just fortunate no kids were hit in the crossfire,” said Evans.

Eugene Braxton lives here and last summer, he had a stray bullet go into his home, “I ducked, it hit one of the pictures, it’s still embedded in the wall.”

He wasn’t home during this shooting but rushed to get back inside saying here, he tries not to go outside after dark.

“We go in, it’s safer. This is a bad street. This is a bad neighborhood after dark,” said Braxton.

So far, no one’s been arrested, and police aren’t getting a lot of cooperation, despite all the witnesses who were at that party.

“A lot of people around but we’re not getting too much help, and it’s sad that people aren’t being outraged. You got all these young kids here, and no one wants to help,” said Evans.

A preliminary investigation suggests the incident may have been gang-related. Police say there was a second shooting in the city later Wednesday night.

After both incidents, two people were left with life threatening injuries and three with non-life threatening injuries.

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