Concerned parents and members of the community are calling on state lawmakers to pass a bill that would establish a registry for anyone who’s abused people with mental or physical disorders. 

This piece of legislation comes after several families found out their loved ones had been abused by caregivers. 

Even with video evidence of the abuse, it was hard to convict abusers or prevent them from returning to work.

The advocates don’t believe the bill would prevent caregiver abuse, but the registry would make sure that once they’re caught, it could be prevented from happening again with the same person.  

Much like the sex offender registry, if someone is caught abusing a disabled person they would be forced to register and employers can access that information during job interviews.

The group worked with state senators to pass “Nicky’s Law” back in July and now they are calling on house representatives to do the same. 

The group said they’ll continue to fight to provide extra protection for some of the most vulnerable people in our society.