Baby owl learning how to fly, “if you care, leave them there”


(Medford Animal Control)

MEDFORD, Mass. (WWLP) – Medford Animal Control explains why you should leave animals alone after a baby owl was found on the ground.

During the spring, many birds are starting to hatch from their eggs and then they have to learn how to fly. Baby birds will often live on the ground for several days as they begin to learn how to fly and are fed by their parents.

According to the Medford Animal Control, the “brancher”, baby owl, was reported by concerned residents Monday. The animal control says, “if you care, leave them there.” They state that unless a bird is injured or in a dangerous situation, leave the bird alone.

What to do if you find young wildlife

Young birds naturally have a low chance of survival, which keeps populations in balance with available resources. While baby birds may look helpless, they usually do not need your assistance unless you see visible signs of injury. If you find a hatchling or nestling (young birds without feathers) outside the nest, you can try to safely return it to its nest. The parents will not reject it if you touch it. If you find a fledgling (a young, fully feathered bird) outside the nest, leave it be. While it is spending some time hopping around on the ground learning how to fly, its parents are likely nearby still taking care of it. 

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