CCC taking extra precautions to keep cannabis products from appealing to children


At Thursday’s Cannabis Control Commission meeting, one dispensary proposed the idea of selling marijuana-infused cake pops, which resulted in a lengthy discussion about how to keep them out of the hands of children.

Cake-based lollipops are something many children recognize and love, so Cannabis Control Commissioners were concerned when an Attleborough-based dispensary proposed the idea of pot-infused cake pops.

The CCC currently prohibits edibles in the “distinct shape of a human, animal, or fruit. Edible marijuana products also can not resemble fictional characters or cartoons.

The CCC has these provisions in place to make sure that marijuana products don’t end up in the hands of children.

Western Massachusetts based dispensary, INSA said those regulations are not a problem.

“We made sure none of our edible products would be appealing towards children, we use very plain shapes, all of our hard candies and chews are in the shape of a cube,” said Mark Zatyrka, CEO of INSA.

The CCC will start a database of marijuana-infused products approved for sale in Massachusetts so that regulators, consumers, parents and law enforcement can get a sense of what type of products are out there.

Most Massachusetts dispensaries take the CCC’s enhanced precautions one step further by using childproof containers to store and sell edible products.

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