UNCASVILLE, Conn. (WTNH) — A fun night at Mohegan Sun cut short for a Massachusetts woman after she had a medical emergency during a concert. Thankfully, a woman in the audience was a medical professional.

After spending five nights at Backus Hospital in Norwich, Sandra Swenor is finally going home, having met Backus nurse, Cincy Edwards, whom she credits with saving her life.

Both women were at Mohegan Sun last weekend for the Blake Shelton concert. Swenor was playing the slots before heading into the arena when she started feeling dizzy.

“I got a little lightheaded and hot and everything around me got really loud,” she explained.

Edwards was also there with her husband and noticed Swenor convulsing. Edwards explained her husband said, “Cindy, she needs you…she’s having a seizure.”

Edwards immediately ran over, positioning Swenor on her side.

“I was waiting for her to take that first breath after a seizure and she didn’t,” Nurse Edwards explained.

When all other measures didn’t work, Edwards began compressions, and to her surprise, two other nurses at the casino joined in. It took them two minutes to get a pulse.

Eventually, EMS transported Swenor to the emergency room.

“I just had this gut feeling afterwards,” Nurse Edwards explained. “And I looked at my husband and I’m like ‘I hope she went to Backus.'”

Her hope was reality. After doing some digging at work, Nurse Edwards found Swenor and the pair formed a lasting bond.

“This person saved my life that I never met…and she just jumped in, and I know I wouldn’t be here without her,” Swenor told News 8.

Swenor will go back to Massachusetts. She is still waiting on test results regarding the cause of the seizure, though one thing is for sure, she’s made a new friend out of the ordeal.