WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn. (WWLP) – A string of concerning aircraft incidents have taken place across the country in recent days.

There’s been serious turbulence incidents, unruly passengers, and even two planes making contact on a tarmac. That clipping incident took place at Boston Logan Airport and on Sunday, an unruly passenger was arrested at the same airport for attacking a flight attendant.

At Bradley International Airport, a jet made an emergency landing over the weekend due to turbulence and one person died. These are just a few examples of several other “close calls” at airports across the country.

New England TSA Spokesperson Dan Velez told 22News they do all they can to lessen the likelihood of dangerous incidents, “Well that’s one of the main reasons why TSA exists, is to make sure that passengers, when they’re in the air, that they can relax and they can feel safe. Anything that can be used as an instrument up in the air, we’re trying to make sure those aren’t getting into the aircraft cabin.”

Despite the recent disruptions, one passenger told 22News they still feel safe getting aboard a flight.

“Lately, it’s more safe. Last time I came back from JetBlue as well and we were very satisfied with the pilot, because he came out and presented himself and he gave us a little speech about his resume, so it was really good,” said Sandra Abrin from Ecuador.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of roughly 42.5 million departures that took place in a five year period, there were only 176 total accidents and 111 injuries.

If you find yourself anxious about flying, you can remind yourself how relatively safe it is based off of data. For a less bumpy ride, try sitting toward the front of a plane.