Drinking coffee, adjusting radio and more all considered distracted driving as well


Distracted driving has become a common and deadly trend.

Many, if not all of us, have had close calls behind the wheel as a result of distracted driving. As these distractions continue to increase, so do numbers of car-related injuries and deaths. 

It’s estimated that roughly 25 percent of motor vehicle deaths are a result of being distracted behind the wheel.

Many people associate distracted driving with being on your cell phone behind the wheel, but data shows that doing something as simple as drinking coffee, can increase your risk of getting in an accident. 

Data from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System found that the number one cause of distracted driving is being “lost in thought.”

Objects outside of your car, other passengers, adjusting the radio and eating or drinking behind the wheel also play a major role is distracting driving accidents. 

“I am guilty of that, eating behind the wheel, and I also find that billboards are really distracting,” Brenda Hodge said.

22News spoke with one person who doesn’t drive, but says they’ve experienced close calls while other people drive them.

“It gets really annoying because I’ve seen people, they sit here and their focus goes from 100 to 0,” Anthony Valentine said. “I immediately try to redirect them. It’s scary sometimes.”

Even hands free devices can be a distraction, experts say the safest option is to wait to make a phone call until you’re out of the car.

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