The state of New Hampshire established new law on Tuesday targeting slow driving in the left lane.

The law states that whenever vehicles travel at or below the speed limit and impede the flow of other traffic in the left lane, they will receive a fine of $50. Here in Massachusetts drivers receive a $100 fine.

Driving too slowly in the far left lane of an interstate violates the law in approximately 38 U.S. states.
Massachusetts Law Chapter 89 Section 4B states a vehicle shall drive on the right side, except when overtaking another vehicle or when preparing for a left turn.

Northampton resident Emily Suza told 22News that she thinks the law should be more enforced here in Massachusetts.

“People driving slow in the left lane can be annoying and it can cause accidents,” Suza said. “People drive slowly and other people try to merge in and that’s how crashes happen.”

This law is meant to prevent drivers from “bobbing and weaving” through traffic.

Also to reduce accidents caused by people trying to pass on the right.