SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Eversource Energy plans to spend $41-million for tree trimming and hazardous tree removal across the state in 2022.

According to a news release sent to 22News, the company is partnering with local communities where they provide service. They will be trimming along more than 2,500 miles of overhead lines including in Colrain, Cummington, Huntington, Agawam, Southwick, Springfield, West Springfield, and Montgomery. The most extensive work will be nearly 90 miles of roads in Pittsfield.

“Our working partnership with Eversource is certainly an important one,” said Sunderland Tree Warden George Emory. “We’re a small town with limited resources to clear hazardous trees that pose a public safety threat. We’ve been teaming up with Eversource for well over a decade proactively removing dead and dying trees so now, even with all of these storms blowing through, we don’t have a lot of trees crashing down on electrical equipment, causing damage and outages.”

The tree trimming and removal helps to protect the electric lines year-round, but especially during storms when dead limbs and trees present a hazard. Eversource has a Vegetation Management team that inspects and assesses the powerlines and creates a plan for vegetation removal.

Eversource works with property owners whose trees may be in danger of causing damage to power lines. Property owners are responsible for maintaining their own trees, including keeping branches away from the lower-voltage service wires that connect from buildings on their property to the main utility lines of the street.

The company also offers resources to help customers “plan before they plant” and select compatible vegetation when planting near power lines, including a guide of 30 recommended trees under 30 feet tall that are safe to plant anywhere regardless of distance from utility lines.

For more details on Eversource’s comprehensive vegetation management program, visit Eversource.com.